I would like to have a script for installing Python 3.4 from K1000 software library.

For example,
First, I need to connect to tmp folder via Samba share

mount -t smbfs //(username):(password)@server.(AD domain).com/share_name /tmp/

However, I got the following error message from Terminal application.
mount_smbfs: server connecion failed: Broken pipe

I tried to google. But it was not helpful for me to resolve the problem above.

Then, copy a zipped file from the share location and paste it into the tmp folder.
Unzip the zipped file into the full path directory
Install Python software
Unmount Samba share

That is all what I am looking for command lines


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  • For Python why not just deliver it as a dependency in the script? That is, why must it live on another server?
    • Thank you for your comment. Our KACE appliances already had 320GB of HDD installed in hardware when we purchased. Now, the storage space will not be enough for storage available for both freeware and licensed software. That is why all managed Installations use with alternate download location.
      • 10-4. Have you looked into "use Alternate Download:" as a distro. The payload can live anywhere, you just need to create a checksum on the file, provide the location, and L/P and it should work. We tried it when we evaluated our box and it worked like a charm.
  • Yes... However, unfortunately, K1000 software library doesn't support alternate download location. That is why I use a custom script for K1000 software library with use alternate download location. Just I requested KACE ticke for troubleshooting the issue of unzipping the zipped file from TEMP folder by the scripting.
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