I have a very simple script that copies a file to a folder in windows. Here is the contents of the batch file.

copy ultravnc.ini "C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\ultravnc.ini" /y

When it runs I get the error "Error creating process: c:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\1954\UVNC.cmd\ : (5) Access is denied. "

I can run the script successfully from “c:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\1954\"

My launch statement is "c:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\1954\UVNC.cmd\". I changed it from $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR) because I have seen that sometimes it is better to put the path to the file.

So what is wrong?



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  • I made changes I think like you have suggested but the error has changed to (2) The system cannot find the file specified

    Here is what is in the script from the XML:
    <launch_program path="$(KACE_SYS_DIR)\cmd.exe" program="" wait="true" parms="/c move /y $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\ultravnc.ini &quot;C:\Program Files\UltraVNC&quot;" />
    • The file ultravnc.ini is definitely in the dependency dir.
  • The program path is $(KACE_SYS_DIR)
    The program is cmd.exe
    Try that and let us know how you get on.
  • This worked great, on our Windows 7 computers. However we have a lot of computers STILL on XP and it doesn't. This is what the log shows: "Error creating process: C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd /c move /y C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Dell\KACE\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\1954\ultravnc.ini "C:\Program Files\UltraVNC": (0) The operation completed successfully.
    Error Code: 0"

    I copied the command and ran it from the cmd prompt manually and it said that the syntax was incorrect.

    Any ideas?

    • We have the same issue since either upgrading to 6 or an unrelated change somewhere. All of a sudden we have what looks like UAC issues. I'm at a loss as to the cause.
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are you on kace 6?  I am having trouble with xcopy working in a offline kscript, need to trouble shoot more, but my rename and move commands worked within the same script I was running.  A quick workaround I found was to use the move command vs xcopy

  1. Launch $(KACE_SYS_DIR)\cmd.exe with params /c move /y c:\users\default\prezi c:\users\public.
  2. Launch $(KACE_SYS_DIR)\cmd.exe with params /c move /y $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\copyredirector.bat c:\windows\w2d.
  3. Launch $(KACE_SYS_DIR)\cmd.exe with params /c move /y $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\redirector.vbs C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Scripts\Shutdown.
  4. Launch $(KACE_SYS_DIR)\cmd.exe with params /c move /y $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\scripts.ini C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Scripts.

Answered 08/29/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I uploaded the files within a zip with a run.bat that failed. But it works fine as above
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