Hello. I'm new to SCCM in general, but have some experience with SCCM 2012 SP1 deploying applications and updates. I don't have much experience with the SCCM 2007 style of package deployment, which is how it seems SAS suggests you can automate license renewal: http://support.sas.com/kb/31/021.html


My issue is on how exactly to create the package. Running the command from the directory that already exists by creating a package is easy. But, the command is "C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASRenewalUtility\9.3\SASRenew.exe" -s "datafile:c:\SAS93_order-number_site-number_host-platform.txt" So, how would I get the file on the target computer? Or, would it be possible to place the file in a temporary directory that would get wiped after renewal?

I'd love to get any advice on how others have updated SAS through SCCM. Thanks. 

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The easiest way that I do this is to store the datafile (sas license file) on the network and use a UNC path to the file

example "C:\Program Files\SASHOME\SASRenewalUtility\9.3\SASRenew.exe" -s "\\dataserver\apps\sas\SID\saslicencefilename.txt"

The unc path represents the full unc path the the SAS license file  (SAS93_ordernumber_sitenumber_hostplatform.txt)

Make sure that everyone has read access to the path where you store the license file

Also when looking for the SAS renewal utility make sure you put in the correct path to the utility. If SAS was originally installed in 32 bit compatibility mode the path to the executable with be different and will look more like this.  This applies to x86 and x64 versaions of SAS

(you would figure the x86 would not be this way, but it is because of the HOST operating system. If you are on a host operating system that is 32 bit the path will be differrent than a host OS that is 64 bit)

typical Host OS 32 bit or 64 bit OS installing x64 version of SAS not in 32 bit compatibility mode

path "C:\Program Files\SASHOME\SASRenewalUtility\9.3\SASRenew.exe"  

typical Host OS 64 bit. installing the 32 bit or 64bit in 32 bit compatibility mode path is

"C:\Program Files\SASHOME\x86\SASRenewallUtility\9.3\SASRenew.exe"

just double check your path to make sure. It will save you problems later

Answered 03/22/2014 by: jbottcher
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You can create a vbs file which will do this job. Deploy the vbs file via SCCM. This would be the easiest way ..

Answered 10/22/2013 by: Hariharan
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  • Thanks for the reply. I kind of figured as much. It just seems kinda low-tech having this automated tool that can remotely touch and configure computes use a vbscript/batch file.
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