I ran into a wierd problem and was hoping if someone has any idea.

I was packaging QuickTime 7.6 to utilise the Active Setup in Vista to do a MSI repair to take care of the local user profiles stuff..

I thought I had it running but then... I hit a brick wall.

I have this in HKLM Active Setup..

StubPath = msiexec /i {ProductCode} REINSTALL=UserSettings REINSTALLMODE=up /l* C:\Logs\QT76_Repair.txt /qn

Version = 7,6,0

When I logon, the above Active Setup is showing in the HKCU Installed Component. Sweet.. but hang on a sec. The command didn't run at all...

I thought.. okay.. weird. I replaced the StubPath with a simple "notepad.exe" and no problem, it process and launch notepad.exe upon login. So, I guess there is something wrong with my MSIEXEC command. I run that manually and it runs perfectly alright and repair my user settings for the MSI.

So.. what's actually wrong here? No log files were created. As if the command didn't run at all.
Now, I've tried the whole path like %SystemRoot%\system32\msiexec.exe /i {product code} bla and same thing, it doesn't execute..

Anyone come acorss this issue?
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Check the eventvwr, msiexec probably hasnt run.

Try this -

"StubPath"="Msiexec.exe /fpu [PRODUCTCODE] /qn"
Answered 01/28/2009 by: reds4eva
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Hi there,

Thanks for the info. That work!!. However, when I login as a domain user with local admin privillege, it ran. However, if login as normal user with no admin priv, it didn't run.

I was wondering why?
Answered 01/28/2009 by: ahcash
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do you have try this command line : Msiexec.exe /fu [PRODUCTCODE] /qn ? (without /p)
I'm working with DELL on this subject and they use this command line to create Active Setup... but I haven't try on my side.

Answered 01/28/2009 by: JeanLedot
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do you have try this command line : Msiexec.exe /fu [PRODUCTCODE] /qn ? (without /p)The '/p' switch indicates that you want to re-install missing files. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc759262.aspx
Answered 01/29/2009 by: VBScab
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I am about to go nuts..

2 users = admin1 (local admin priv) and user1 (normal access)

Active Setup :=
When admin1 logs on. The Active Setup runs.
When User1 logs on, Nothing happen. It doesn't even put an entry into HKCU\ActiveSetup\Installed Components.

I thought I might give the self-healing method a go with advertise shortcut..
The key is on HKCU\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\QuickTime\UserSerttings = 1

If I am not mistaken, when user launch the shortcut for the first time, it should detect that the key is missing and start the self healing process. Same problem here. Admin1 works fine, but User1 had issue, doesn't even run any healing.

I am completely stuck... What is the problem here?
Answered 01/29/2009 by: ahcash
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Hi Ray,
remove the logging stuff on the AS command line.
And be aware, that an entry is written to the users registry (HKCU\\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components).
If want to run the AS stuff a second time, you have to remove this entry first.
Regards, Nick
Answered 01/29/2009 by: nheim
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Was this issue resolved?
I am trying to use "msiexec.exe /fu {9A346205-EA92-4406-B1AB-50379DA3F057} /qn" in the stubpath and my active setup seems to work fine in XP. But, in vista.. somehow user with no admin access does not get the user-specific registries... any help is appreciated here.
Answered 11/12/2009 by: msi_support
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