so currently we use robocopy to backup a few directories to a file server.

We would like to manage this by using scripting on kace, and then setup a rule in kace to execute the script at a specific time daily on a group label.

has anyone done something like this with kace?

another option i was considering was using kace to kick off the script instead of windows task manager, in this scenario it would just run the specified script on the server at x time.

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  • Never scripted robocopy from KACE but I have scripted .bat files from the K1000 with great success. I don't see why this wouldn't work for you. Just set the time you want it to run and target a smart label.
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We are using this in our environment.
When a new system is deployd, there will be automaticly pushed a text document to the system.
This document is called after the department, Equal: Sales.

We made a Smart label for the department that will search for the text file on the system. After this we created a scripted task running a Batch file. This script will first look if a file is on a system, if not, it will run the robocopy script.

Because we do the first 48 hours aggresive patching we let the script run every 10 minutes.    

Answered 03/16/2016 by: Howden
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