I can't seem to find the field that the Action column in ticket comments are stored in - separate from the Action Taken field.

I'm looking for a way to report who has the most number of ticket assignments (i.e. User1 Changed ticket owner from "Unassigned" to "User2").

Any advice? Doesn't seem to be accessible with the report wizard.
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  • How about some custom SQL with a count function, group by user?
  • Going along with Jbr32 here, I think it would be better to look at the OWNER_ID column and group by that rather than trying to count from the change descriptions. If you want to include past ticket owners and not just the current then you would need to use the change tables but you would probably have better success using the HD_TICKET_CHANGE_FIELD table.
  • Thanks for the input, gentlemen!

    I specifically don't want to query by ticket owner. A lot of work done is assigning tickets to other technicians (site techs resolve hardware issues) and we need a way to measure that metric. Since they assign it to someone else, they are not the owners, and tickets are often assigned by one technician without them ever owning it directly.

    I'll try the HD_TICKET_CHANGE_FIELD, thanks for the tip. Can you suggest how I'd see what fields are in that table? I'm not quite sure how to track that info down. I could probably write the query myself, but without some sort of root access I'm not sure how to query the tables for their fields.
    • There is a reporting user that has read access to the database. Check in Settings, Security Settings to make sure that it is enabled. Once that is enabled you can use a tool like MySQL Workbench to browse the tables and build reports.
      • Chuck, that was EXACTLY what I needed. I really appreciate your help! I wasn't even aware that there was a MySQL Reporting user. I was able to track that info down in the documentation and log in with the Workbench just like you said. Lifesaver!
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