I need some help deleting a registry key. I am looking for a way to get it done with "Remove Table". I am a bit confused as i do not need to delete a key but a value in it.


The value in the key is "123" and "xyz", i need to delete "xyz". Can this be done with Remove Registry Table?

Or it only removes the key and my task should be done with CA?

Thank you.

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Answered 04/25/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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I got the CA already. i was just wondering if this can be done with a table.

Answered 04/25/2013 by: ogeccut
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Have a look at this link.

You should be using the registry table to do that sort of thing. You could just write a null/blank value to the key on install. Im assuming you are installing.

Dont forgot to add an entry to the remove registry table if you are doing this manaully. If your using Admin Studio etc, it should be fine.

Hope that gives you a good pointer atleast.

Answered 04/25/2013 by: rileyz
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  • Ive never seen "Remove Table" before, is this a windows installer thing?
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Sorry for the wrong information. I was asking about "remove registry" table

The key is created with a .dll or CA from the vendor installation.

I cant leave it blank.

Again....it has a value "123", and "xyz". I need to delete "xyz" and leave "123".

Not Blank.

Can this be done with remove registry table?

Answered 04/25/2013 by: ogeccut
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  • Ahh, that sucks it might be a CA writing the key.

    Option 1)
    Add a entry to overwrite it with a null value in te Registry Table, or use the GUI whatever program you use. Then shift the WriteRegistryValues action to the end of the Execute Sequence. This could work, also might blow up.

    Option 2)
    Use a custom CA and just do a command line windows tool (REG) to write the value you need. Ugly but will do the job and less likely to blow in your face (screw the MSI)
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