Why won't our remote clients patch from our replication share?
Our remote site clients return error (Handshake Failed) when they should be patching from our replication share. They patched from the same share for years without issue. The ports are all open and our network team found no issues. If we redirect them, they'll pull patches from our regular server without issue. I've confirmed the permissions are good, even created a new share and new replication in Kace, but we get the same issue.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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  • I have also had the same issue with my k1000 remote replication share, not deploying my software to the remote client . The only way I would get it to work was if I told the remote site to "fail over to appliance".
    After extensive research and googling, I have found that version 6.4 might have a glitch.The problem is when the agent is trying to run with an account OTHER...... than local system.
    For example if you are trying to run with different credentials.
    Does this sound like your problem?

    Read this link...... Might be related to your problem !!!!

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