I see that in the K1 -> Scripting -> IE Policy we can add home pages, add local settings and other things for the current logged in user.  Is there a way to set this for all users?  Maybe a registry push?


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GPO's are the best to set it for all users

Answered 03/10/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • I don't have the luxury of having GPO's... I was told by upper management to use exclusively DellKace.
    • You can use a "enforce registry settings" script to set these keys and have it run at login
    • You can also create an active setup push (script or distribution) via kace that set the machines active setup keys to enforce the settings for each user.
      • http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/an-active-setup-primer
    • They pay you to do a certain job. Part of that job is to control your environment in the best way possible. So...

      After doing it their way, take - and check the veracity of - a back-up of one of their machines. Then, remotely connect to its registry and wind down the security settings to zero. Then add a 'Run' value with a URL which points to a site which will do scary things to his - we all know it's a "he", with an ego the size of Jupiter - machine. Reboot it.

      Repeat the exercise having applied a GP to the machine and user (remember that most IE stuff is stored in the user's profile.)

      You'll get the go-ahead that same day.
      • I like the answer VBScab :)
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