We have had some issues with our k1000 virtual appliance locking up and we are unable to access the admin portal thru the web so the only way to get to the machine to reset it is thru VCenter.  In the console I see that it gives the option to login as konfig but I am not sure when that user was created and if I should log in as that user to restart the kbox correctly or if it is o.k. to restart the machine thru VCenter.  Is there a proper shutdown when you are unable to login to the kbox other than thru VCenter?





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The konfig user is used for initial setup on the k1k. It does have the ability to cleanly shut down the KACE. The login should be konfig : konfig.
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  The konfig user is used for initial setup on the k1k.  It does have the ability to cleanly shut down the KACE.  The login should be konfig : konfig.

Answered 04/25/2012 by: philologist
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  • (I mention shutdown, but it does allow restart, which is likely what you want.)
  • Thanks I will give that a try next time it locks up!
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You need to contact support for them to SSH in a restart the appliance. The konfig relies on the web interface to login. I found in my case a user was running a bad sql query against all labels and all machines in the kace db. This was locking up the system.

Answered 04/25/2012 by: ms01ak
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  • Really? I can't see having to call support for every time I need to restart the kbox that would be a lot of calls to support in our environment!
  • Chris is using the virtual machine, so he has some extra options. Even if the web interface isn't up, he can use vsphere to get a console view for the box and log into the konfig to do a clean restart. If the konfig isn't available, he's not going to be able to cleanly restart anyway, and he can use the vsphere interface to power the vm off and on again as a reboot method. He's just trying to give the KACE a chance to shut down cleanly from vsphere rather than just toggling the power switch.
  • In ms01ak's case, it sounds like the KACE wasn't actually down, it was just accidentally subjected to a denial of service attack through a bad SQL query. They likely needed support to fix things because the SQL query was just restarting every time they restarted the box, and they needed support to ssh in, and start the box without starting all the services until they fixed the SQL issue.
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