Hi, I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. Is it possible for KACE to deploy something that would initiate a shutdown or hibernate every day at a certain time? Thanks in advance.
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I was looking into something similar and it is possible to pretty much just run the shutdown script on a schedule to shut your machines down say every night at 7:00 after everyone is out of the office. However once you also start looking to have them all come back up in the morning at say 6:00 before everyone gets in it poses some bigger issues. The long and the short of it is that Wake-on-LAN sucks. It's always sucked; and it will continue to suck for the foreseeable future. If you have a reasonably simple network architecture and the required broadcast traffic can hit everything you should be good. Otherwise keep looking.
Answered 10/30/2015 by: Rowdy0ne
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  • set the bios to turn them on at 6am
  • +1 on the WoL, it really does blow.
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That also depends on whether you have WOL turned on, on the computers. We have some old Toshiba all in one units that are supposed to have WOL but in actual fact the chipset is faulty and won't allow for it.
Answered 10/30/2015 by: rick07
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K1000 can work, depending on your network setup but it is better to use a 3rd party product. I can recommend one that I use if you are interested. 
Answered 11/02/2015 by: rockhead44
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Go go Google!

Why dont you just send a sleep command to the computer from <insert your deployment tool here> then wake the machine up with a SchTask?


How do add a task to the machine?

Im sure you can google the rest.

*Oh wait, you're shutting down or hibernating - this wont work.
Bios or WoL is your only option, err good luck.
Answered 11/02/2015 by: rileyz
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If you have Dells, you can manipulate BIOS settings using a utility: http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/dell-bios-manipulation-with-the-k1000-and-dell-cctk
Answered 11/03/2015 by: JasonEgg
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  • For simply shutting down on a schedule, I would copy the built-in shutdown script and add a schedule. This also allows for a message box for the end users, which is very useful (I know we get angry users for any auto-restart).
    • The kace built in shutdown script? ive Been trying for a few days to deploy a schedule via gpo to run a VBS script at 9pm that shuts down the PC. Cant get the Schedule to appear for normal user.
      • Go to Scripts, search for "shutdown". Among the results will be "Shutdown a Windows system" and "Shutdown a Windows system with snooze". Duplicate one of those jobs, then edit as needed.
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