I'm trying to setup a new servicedesk que.  What i'm trying to accomplish is setting up a CC-List for different catigories based off of a label.  An example would be;  I have a catigory called Hardware, and I have a user label called "Desktop Support".  If a ticket gets created for the Hardware catigory, I want the CC-list to contain all the email addresses for all the users in the "Desktop Support" label.  Is it possible to acheive this?

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This should be possible with a custom rule. Let us know if you need help with the SQL that would do this.

Answered 11/02/2012 by: chucksteel
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  • Yes i'm not too fluent in SQL. So a custom ticket rule would be required i'm guessing on ticket creation. Does this mean I would have to create a ticket rule for each support group I have? Like Desktop,Oracle,Mobiles,Active Directory, etc etc..?

    During one of the jump start sessions the rep mentioned we could add queries for the custom fields directly. He gave us an example that looks like this "query:select ASSET.NAME FROM ASSET WHERE ASSET_TYPE_ID=1 ORDER BY ASSET.NAME ASC", that was for the "Location" custom field we created. That would pull in a list of asset locations. I'm wondering if, directly in the "CC List" in the customization form if I could put a similar query that would pull in email addresses from all users in a specified label.
  • You can only use the query syntax for the custom fields and not for the in built fields, like CC list.

    One question before working on the SQL. Is there a reason that you can't specify the email addresses for your groups in the Category CC field? It sounds like you want to email groups based on the ticket category and the Category CC field is meant exactly for that situation. It wouldn't be based directly on your labels but it wouldn't require a custom rule, either.
  • Well I'm trying to avoid having to do it manually. It would be much easier if someone either leaves the department, or gets promoted or something to just add them to a label then to go look at each category that they might have been in and remove or add email addresses. An ideal situation would be to have Active Directory groups for each support group (Desktop,Oracle,Windows,Etc) and have the ability to just add the LDAP label for each group as the cclist group. Was hoping there was a way to do that. Maybe I'm just not understanding how the system is designed to work. In our previous task management system we could define support groups, and have users in those groups. If that group had a ticket assigned to them the entire group would get an email letting them know there is a new ticket.
  • It sounds like having distribution group email addresses in the CC fields would fit the bill. Then it would just be a matter of adjusting group membership in Active Directory. Do you already have groups setup in Active Directory for these roles? If not, I would imagine building these out would be faster (and more useful) than trying to build ticket rules, since I would assume things would need adjusted in Active Directory when someone's position changes regardless.

    • I would second using groups and distribution lists. This is how we handle it in our organization as well.
  • I hadn't thought of using a distro list. Unfortunately we do not manage our own email here, that's done by a different agency. We do however have the ability to request these groups be created for each support group so I'll go that route. Thanks.
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