is it neccessary to mark all the components that install to windows\system32 as permanent?
what if we mark it as shared instead?
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No it is not necessary to mark it as permanent. If its a vendor MSI, you should restrain from marking it as shared if its permanent and vice-versa.
If it is known that the particular component is shared by many applications than you should mark it as Shared. Else if its a custom DLL or any other file, not to be shared, than it can be marked as permanent.
Answered 03/29/2012 by: akki
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  • suppose if we mark a component (installing file to system32) as shared then during uninstall will it be removed or left behind ?
    • It`ll be left is because other applications may need it.
  • yeah it should be left behind......but r u sure abt it?
    bcos I checked the same & found tat it does not.....
    after installing my app added some files in sys32 and even
    if they were marked shared, on uninstallation they were removed..??
    • Did you check if "Always increment shared .Dll count" is checked or not in ur database.
      This count increments on every install and decrements on uninstallation. If the count becomes zero the shared component will be then uninstalled.
  • yes it was checked........but since I tested on a clean build and since my app installed
    the file so during uninstallation as u said the count must have become zero and it got removed since no other application is using it.......anywaz thanks for the useful info :)
  • NO problem buddy!!!
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Yes you can mark as a shared.

Or you can mark permanent, common files and mark shared, application specific files.
Answered 03/29/2012 by: dannyarya
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