We've started integrating servers into our K1 for the hopes of automating windows updates to them.
When I run a detect on the dumb label I created 7 of the 9 servers comes back with "Error: Handshake failed", but two of them work just fine.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the agent manually on all 9 servers, I then ran a detect on each server individually and they all worked perfectly 100%.

Is there a bug that anyone knows about to cause an issue when labels are used rather than individual machine name?

K1000, 6.3 

Thanks very much.
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  • Ever since I upgraded to 6.3 I'm getting about 20% of my clients coming back with either error (Handshake Failed) or error (Log Upload Failed) on my patch runs.

    It does not happen with consistincy. I have a ticket open with support and am currently being advised to downgrade the kace client to a previous version on the enpoints that are returning the error.

    My patch jobs are running on labels of computers. Is anyone else besides OP also seeing this error message?
    • Exact same issue here. Running 6.3, getting about 20% failure rates now. I've started running a 2nd job JUST on the failed boxes to get the detect cycle finished, and even then most fail again. I've tried deleting patch cache to no avail on the boxes as well.
  • We're about turn off patching and go to a WSUS solution just because there are so many quirks with KACE patching. Sorry to not have better news for you.
  • Has there been any solution for this?
  • No, sorry. We were never able to nail it down.
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