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I was wondering if anyone had any good solutions for automating software patching of PCs with disk encryption and pre-boot authentification, since rebooting means someone has to be at the PC to enter in a password each time the PC boots up.

For our in-office desktops we have an overnight schedule which patches and reboots PCs as needed.

All our laptops have Truecrypt disk encryption with pre-boot authentification, so if KACE had to reboot the PC any number of times, the laptop would get stuck at the Truecrypt pre-boot password screen. We would tell our users to dock their laptops overnight every once in a while, but patching would still get stuck at pre-boot for an encryption password.

I was wondering if anyone has found any other encryption software that is patch/reboot friendly, or if there's a way to keep Truecrypt with pre-boot auth and automate the patching/reboot process.



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use the command line


Answered 02/05/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • thanks, but how would I do this? I understand that there is an option to "Mount partition using system encryption without pre-boot authentication," but this only seems to work if I am booted in another operating system and need to mount a partition with pre-boot auth from this other operating system. (e.g. If I booted into Linux and wanted to mount a Windows partition that normally has pre-boot auth.)

    Am I missing something? How would I use command line to help me with this if I'm trying to mount the drive at boot without pre-boot auth? Would I have to run Truecrypt off its own unencrypted partition at boot and then mount the encrypted drive without preboot auth?
    • You will need to get the OS running then issue the command to mount the truecrypt partition.
      • Just to clarify: I only have a single Truecrypt-encrypted w/PBA and a single OS (Win7) on these laptops. Ultimately, I want to be able to let KACE run updates in windows, then reboot and boot back into the same windows drive to complete updates.

        I tried to mount the system drive without PBA within TC while booted into windows and got the notification that I couldn't "mount without PBA for a drive that's currently the system drive."

        If I'm hearing you correctly, are you saying I need to

        1. Boot into windows normally and issue the command in truecrypt to run at boot? Then let the computer reboot without PBA? How would I do this?


        2. are you saying I would need to have a separate partition with a separate OS running Truecrypt to mount without PBA.

        thanks for you help
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  • Sorry did not realize you encrypted everything. we only encrypt a second partition
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