Does anyone know the full command line I need to use to pass the vbscript code using chr(34) to replace double quotes below? I keep getting error when running the vbscript. Thanks!

E:\>IBMFileNetIntegrationForMicrosoftOffice.exe /s /v"/qn /L*v C:\SetupLogFile.txt CEURL=\"http://test:9080/wsi/test/\" WORKPLACEXTURL=\"https://test.ca/WorkplaceXT/\" HELPURL=\"https://test.ca/ecm_help\" PREFERENCESNAME=WORKPLACEXT PREFERENCESOBJECTSTORE=\"ECM_GCE\" LICENSE_ACCEPTED=true"
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Just the first part up to the quotation mark would look like:

"E:\>IBMFileNetIntegrationForMicrosoftOffice.exe /s /v" & chr(34) & "/qn"
Answered 04/29/2010 by: Jsaylor
Second Degree Blue Belt

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I am getting a 1203 error code from the vbscript when running this.

Can someone please help...sFileName points to a path that I have created;
sFileName = slogFolder & "\" & SPkgName & "_MSI.log"

C:\FIMO package\IBMFileNetIntegrationForMicrosoftOffice.exe /s /v"" /qb! /l*v " & chr(34) & sFileName & chr(34) & " ADDLOCAL=Excel,PowerPoint,Word IBMECMTAB=IBM_ECM SAVE_SETTINGS_FOR_ALL=1 CEURL=\""http://test:9080/wsi/FNCEWS40MTOM/\"" PEWSURL=\""http://test:9080/wsi/ProcessEngineWS/\"" CONNECTIONPOINT=PEConnect EURL=\""http://test:9080/wsi/FNCEWS40MTOM/\"" WORKPLACEXTURL=\""https://test.ca/WorkplaceXT/\"" HELPURL=\""https://test.ca/ecm_help\"" PREFERENCESNAME=WORKPLACEXT PREFERENCESOBJECTSTORE=\""ECM_GCE\"" LICENSE_ACCEPTED=true"
Answered 04/30/2010 by: dmack
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First: Echo the command line and make sure that it looks right to you. You can verify that it's perfect by echoing the line, then copy/paste it and run whatever it gives you, that will allow you to verify that it's a good translation.

Second: If I had to guess, I think it's the space in this area:

/v"" /qb!

Usually passing a command to the msi from an installshield .exe requires that you have no spaces before the beginning of the string. So it should look like this instead:

Answered 04/30/2010 by: Jsaylor
Second Degree Blue Belt

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Since the EXE clearly extracts and executes an MSI, simplify your life and use the MSI. Create a transform to go with it and edit the values for the listed properties. After that, all your script has to do is specify the transform name and the other switches. I've used your path as the container folder for the MSI and MST (which I've named FIMO.MSI and FIMO.MST) :strMSIPath = "C:\FIMO package"
strMSIName = "FIMO.MSI"
strMSTName = "FIMO.MST"

strMSI = strMSIPath & "\" & strMSIName
strMST = strMSIPath & "\" & strMSTName

strCmdLine = "MSIExec /i " & Chr(34) & strMSI & Chr(34)
strCmdLine = strCmdLine & "TRANSFORMS=" & Chr(34) & strMST & Chr(34)
strCmdLine = strCmdLine & "/qb! /l*v & Chr(34) & sFileName & Chr(34)
Pass the variable 'strCmdLine' to whichever construct you're using to start the process.
Answered 04/30/2010 by: VBScab
Red Belt

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