I am currently deploying the K1000 agent using SCCM. Aynone who can advice what will be the parameters? I will need to indicate the server ip of K1000 and install silently. 

msiexec /i "ampagent-6.2.1025-x86.msi


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If you are using a changed useragent, you should also use NOHOOKS=1
I usually let install (no matter which tool) via: msiexec.exe /i ampagent.msi HOST=K1000 NOHOOKS=1 /qn

other interesting parameters are APPDATALOCATION und INSTALLLOCATION if you have the need to modify them.
Answered 01/16/2015 by: Nico_K
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This should do it:

msiexec /i ampagent-6.2.1025-x86.msi HOST=yourkbox /qn
Answered 01/16/2015 by: jegolf
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In the .msi name, place an Underscore followed by your IP address before .msi to direct your clients to your K1000.

For example, if your IP address is   your filename would be ampagent-6.2.1025_1.2.3.4.msi
Answered 01/16/2015 by: rockhead44
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I have tried all but still doesn't work.
Answered 01/21/2015 by: amlyango29@yahoo.com
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