Hello, Since this application is really a setup.exe that calls a bunch of msi's it is best practice not to capture the setup per Microsoft.

Try this:
1. Search for the source for the *.msi and create an MST for each that you want to deploy; you'll see that there really is a bunch of msi's; in my package I only installed 3 of the msi's since users didn't need all the functionality nor could use it.
2. Test by installing each msi separately and rebooting (you'll most likely need to reboot for the drive to intilize and be reconized by RMP.)
3. Create a install.vbs file with the code below in the same dir as the setup.exe is; this will call the msi with the mst; Note you may have to change the path names and/or add commands
4. In your mst's you can edit as needed; you will need to go to the LaunchCondition table and remove the ProductLanguage condition that states "Please run Setup.exe"; this allows you to call the msi's individually.

'* Notes: Installs Roxio DigitalPlus 7.2

On Error Resume Next
Dim command, wShell, currentDir

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
currentDir = wscript.ScriptFullName
currentDir = Left(currentDir,InstrRev(currentDir,"\"))

'* Install the MSI's Roxio Copy, Data and DLA Modules

command = "msiexec /i " & chr(34) & currentDir & "SC_COPY_201\copy.msi" & chr(34) & " TRANSFORMS=copy.mst" & " /qb REBOOT=R"
wshshell.run command, 1, true

command = "msiexec /i " & chr(34) & currentDir & "SC_DATA_201\bmple.msi" & chr(34) & " TRANSFORMS=data.mst" & " /qb REBOOT=R"
wshshell.run command, 1, true

command = "msiexec /i " & chr(34) & currentDir & "DLA_497\dla.msi" & chr(34) & " TRANSFORMS=dla.mst REBOOT=ReallySuppress" & " /qb"
wshshell.run command, 1, true

'End of Script
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