I have had to make new boot environments because I changed the password for Samba share.  The old admin built some boot environments and they worked fine.  I wanted to deploy Windows 10 so I used media manager to upload it.  I did not have the password the old admin used so I changed it.  Now the old boot environments will not work.  I made a new Windows 7 boot environment and it works.  I tried to build a scripted install with windows 10.  I keep getting an error message when I use the pre-installation tool "Format C: as ntfs"  I can't get any further than that.  I then tried to do a scripted install of Windows 7 which I have used numerous times.  The same thing happens.  I have not changed any of the pre-install scripts.  Here is the script that the old admin used which has always worked:  format /q /y /s:enable /fs:ntfs c:
I have not used the K2000 much but I am trying to learn.  Can someone steer me in the right direction?  Thanks
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  • Hello,

    it may be a caused by a device driver problem.
    Have you moved away from the K2000 the content of the \\k2000\drivers\kbe_windows_x64 & \\k2000\drivers\kbe_windows_x86 and replaced it with the driver pack 10 ?
    After that step have you re-cached the drivers before to build the KBE?
    If the target hardware is not DELL you may need to inject in these folders the drivers for the disk and/or for the network, recache and rebuild again the KBE.
    Kind regards,
    StockTrader - Marco
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