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I Need vbscript to run a backup application commands multiple times and display its output or save it output in text file.

earlier i had linux servers so do certain tasks like related to backup application line updating clients for WOFB n VSS , making clients offine was fairly simple task.

create a file on /tmp/ . update serverlist in it. then simple for loop would do the trick. no fancy script required.

for i in `cat serverlist`; do echo $i; /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpclient -client $i -add -WOFB_enabled 1 -WOFB_FIM 1 -WOFB_usage 0 -WOFB_error 1; done

but now i hav windows OS based server please share windows based .VBS script which performs same function as about unix script.

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  • does it have to be VBS? Powershell might be a better option, since it will more closely resemble your shell script, so might be an easier transistion.. (not to mention a single command)

    Something like ForEach ($i in (Get-Content -Path <..>)){bpclient $i -add ... etc etc

    and you can even use 'cat' as an alias for Get-Content...
  • pjgeutjens i accept ur suggestion please share powershell script as per my request
  • seriously, with what I already posted it should be a breeze composing the command yourself with the help of some googling if needed...

    If someone else wants to do it, fine, but I'm not going to spoonfeed you this one.
  • i just need a start mate. just want to do basic stuff. give me a powershell script once. I will figure out way to run my other commands.
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