Also what inside a msi or windows installer ..
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Start here. I'm not being facetious but no-one does this for free! While you're waiting for the purchase order to go through - I *really* hope your employer's paying!! - Google for Phil Wilson's "The Definitive Guide to Windows Installer" and the similarly titled "Definitive Guide to Windows Installer Technology for System Administrators".

Lastly, packaging is becoming a bit of a dead end so if you're intending making a career of it, look at a sequencing course, too.

Answered 04/08/2016 by: VBScab
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There is no single Link or Blog which has complete end to end Packaging Information. It's available as pieces here & there. So get some idea initially & thus you can Google it yourself.

MSI - A database which has several tables & is in the format of a single installable file. Microsoft invented this as this has several advantages when compared to EXE such as SelfHeal, Advertisement, Roll-back & so.

Windows Installer - It's a service part of the Operating System which manages any of the activities performed by MSI such as Install, Repair, UnInstall & so.

Hope this helps!.
Answered 04/08/2016 by: Vinodreddy597
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  • >Microsoft invented this
    Almost. Like so many of their product lines (I'm racking my brains trying to think of a single product other than Excel which MS wrote from scratch...), MS bought it in, initially licensing it from Wise for use by SMS. That relationship merged into a collaboration and finally MS bought the rights.
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Thanks for the support . Start digging with Phil Wilson's book .
Answered 04/11/2016 by: Ab_shek
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