Hi all,

Here's the background first.  We have an InstallShield 2015 project that contains two releases.  The only real difference is some registry keys and dialog images that are displayed during install.  We differentiate between the two with Release Flags.

We also had to adjust some components/add some components that pointed to some .msi files that we actually install along with our product.  These two are differentiated by images for two different companies and are tied to the release flagged Features.

So, basically the two releases should be relatively the same.  However after compile, one MSI is 50MB larger and I'm not sure why.  I've used the InstallShield MSI diff tool and can't really find anything or more likely I don't know what I'm looking for.

The only oddity I saw was in the MSIFileHash table.  There are two .msi files in individual components as described above.  For the MSIFileHash table diff I see a delete and an add for one of the .msi package files, but for the other I only see an add record.  I'm wondering if the second package is accounted for twice in the table and that could be the issue. ??

It doesn't seem to be causing any problems during actual install/uninstall of our main product.  I would like to know the source/cause of the final .msi file size difference if only for piece of mind.

Oh and the original release has remained the same size.  It is the additional release that I added that is larger.

Probably confusing, I know, but any questions are welcomed and help appreciated!!

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  • Oh again, the smaller third party installer packages mentioned as component contents - they are built in the same fashion (two releases). I've ensured that both releases of those packages are relatively the same so its not coming from the compression of one of these installers. -- to add to the confusion I'm sure.
  • when you say ajusted some components can you be specific?
  • I moved one of the install package components to one of the new features, inclusion of which is governed by a release flag. I then created a new component for the other third party package installer file and assigned to the other, new release flagged feature.

    But, I believe this is much ado about nothing as the Compression method setting on the new release was different from my base product release's compression method.

    Sorry for my panic!!
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