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We are using a MSI to create a XML file in the %appdata% folder which works fine as expected. But when we try to install the MSI in the system context it fails every time with the error code 27519 and shows the path to Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roeaming\ProgramDir.

So the MSI is creating the subfolder but not the damn it XML file. Any clue what could be the problem? We also tried changing the ISXMLInstall to a different execution policies and also changed the exit code behaviour but nothing changed.



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Yes, that is correct for System account file will install into folder "Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\".

you have to add Active Setup in your MSI and logoff you machine after installation.

In Active Setup you can repair your MSI or write a VBS to copy XML in required folder.

Answered 03/14/2013 by: dannyarya
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why install in system context... use adminstudio's default xml handling...

Answered 03/14/2013 by: jaybee96
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But the ISXMLInstall custom action is the default XML engine for it. I have no idea why this error keeps happening when installing it under the system account.


Btw. the software we are talking about is FileZilla which needs a preconfigured XML file in the %appdata% folder.

When I install it with my user it works without a problem and also the repair function works.

Answered 03/14/2013 by: mac-duff
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  • no need to add active setup in case of filezilla. Just advertise the shortcut, it will launch the repair and the config xml file will appear. Just make sure there are no transitive components
    • Yes, but I cant install it because of that XML error under the system account
  • Can you please post the log , may be that will help to narrow down
  • Also if all else fails, i guess, there is something wrong with build, i have had such problems, where in i had my userprofile was located on a different drive than the OSdrive, so the installers created some problems during install and repair. In your scenario , i suggest why dont you try out silent install? or is it mandatory to use MSI ???
  • May i also know, why would u require a Custom Action, to create an XML file? Why not Dump the settings file in your installer and then install the application. Did some search , ffound that ISXMLInstall modifies the XML file present on the build,although i m not sure , as to how much of this is true, since i have never used it.
    Go through the following link
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