Dear All
I'm working on Office 2013 deployment
In order to avoid having to install Office, then Project, Then Visio, Then InfoPath, I would like to "merge" all installation
I know that extracting all DVD in the same folder then you can have a single location point of the install, as I did for Office 2010, But I would like to have 1 single installer
I saw all the setup.xml in each "*.ww" folders (ProPlus.ww, Visio.ww ...) & each of them have the list of MSI, CAB, xml ..

<File Id="VisProWW.xml" MD5="82B076E0A4FC89F2A9A09D30FEF22175" Size="0" RelativeCachePath="VisProWW.xml" RelativeSourcePath="VisProWW.xml"/>
<File Id="VisProWW.msi" MD5="044CB7EA36D1320B44CAE5B0E4FB996C" Size="9474048" RelativeCachePath="VisProWW.msi" RelativeSourcePath="VisProWW.msi"/>
<File Id="" MD5="7CC6811604F331AD910D6B4FAAFFC108" Size="220332467" RelativeCachePath="" RelativeSourcePath=""/

so I tried to add the Visio inside the proplus.ww\setup 

<LocalCache DownloadCode="{90150000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}" SkuComponentDirectory="ProPlus.WW">
<File Id="Office64WW.xml" MD5="3BC3EC55B80DA1F41C0FE5F941CB3498" Size="0" RelativeCachePath="Office64WW.xml" RelativeSourcePath="Office64WW.xml"/>
<File Id="Office64WW.msi" MD5="BB50D715EFDC8944B936928AD7F8FF1E" Size="2748416" RelativeCachePath="Office64WW.msi" RelativeSourcePath="Office64WW.msi"/>
<File Id="" MD5="1437B0D71C4EB6A8B62834E5A1A57EB1" Size="21146395" RelativeCachePath="" RelativeSourcePath=""/>
<File Id="ProPlusWW.xml" MD5="9C8309D6F585BF0924FBAAB10D9AE0F1" Size="0" RelativeCachePath="ProPlusWW.xml" RelativeSourcePath="ProPlusWW.xml"/>
<File Id="ProPlusWW.msi" MD5="CDB05F99B87656C8EF056EE98AB3663C" Size="28295168" RelativeCachePath="ProPlusWW.msi" RelativeSourcePath="ProPlusWW.msi"/>
<File Id="" MD5="41351FACF65C4B3068DAA778F9648ECA" Size="127722524" RelativeCachePath="" RelativeSourcePath=""/>
<File Id="" MD5="E63D9646B1E83D7D895C3807FF7CCE30" Size="340430581" RelativeCachePath="" RelativeSourcePath=""/>
<File Id="setup.exe" MD5="AA63D1FA6D81D69C08B388C7B54D9507" Size="207496" RelativeCachePath="setup.exe" RelativeSourcePath="..\setup.exe"/>
<File Id="setup.dll" MD5="C4136D75731001A351684C9C368C8753" Size="829576" RelativeCachePath="setup.dll" RelativeSourcePath="..\setup.dll"/>
<File Id="osetup.dll" MD5="215AEF24F306B9DAC823C2765BF7839C" Size="7083120" RelativeCachePath="osetup.dll" RelativeSourcePath="osetup.dll"/>
<File Id="ose.exe" MD5="2B8E4C792BED0E5882702720BC528AE5" Size="150648" RelativeCachePath="ose.exe" RelativeSourcePath="ose.exe"/>
<File Id="pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms" MD5="22BB6D79AC6F5A39F95252E934FD6AF9" Size="480303" RelativeCachePath="pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms" RelativeSourcePath="pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms"/>
<File Id="PidGenX.dll" MD5="FE100EB225AAD3BA0CAA3CADF9A2393F" Size="1274456" RelativeCachePath="PidGenX.dll" RelativeSourcePath="PidGenX.dll"/>
<File Id="Setup.xml" MD5="" Size="" RelativeCachePath="Setup.xml" RelativeSourcePath="Setup.xml"/>

 but each time I do a single change in the xml the OCT failed ( I've got an error "Failed to get available Product info")
Any idea ? is it even possible ?

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I think you can't...they are seperate products.

You can however script the installation and install silently.


Answered 04/17/2013 by: jaybee96
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    It's stupid you can''t do it, as even if it's different product it's the same suite (as Word & Excel are differents products, you can get them separatly, but they are merged into Office as well)
    Making my life more painful : the "shared tools" & Co have to be configured in each of them even if they are the same :(
  • indeed
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