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We need to look at how to deploy the Lotus Notes Fix Patches (for version 9.0.1) to our machines.
The issue is, that the version number doesn't change when the fix patch is installed, and KACE doesn't seem to detect any difference between a machine having the FP installed and not having the FP installed... which then causes issues with deployment.

We can go with a managed installation, but due to the way KACE cannot detect the differences, the patch will continuously popup for the user, even after it is installed.

What I would like to do, is use smart labels. We had a similar case before, where we had to uninstall a previous version of software and install a new version - the version numbers changed, so I created a smart label so that only the machines with X version would get this managed install.

Is there a way to do this in KACE with Lotus Notes FP's? Considering there is no version number change?

The only way so far is to manually add/ remove devices once the patch is installed, but we are managing over 1500 devices, so that's a bit out of the question.

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  • What you need, Fix Pack or Interim Fixes?
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why not build a simple "batch" file around the fix, that on a successful installation of the fix a registry key is written. this way you detect the presence of the registry key, if it's there, the fix has been installed, if not, then it needs to be deployed? As I'm not a KACE expert, I'm not sure if this is possible, but I expect it to be implemented, as the majority of other systems (Altiris, SCCM, RayManagesoft etc.) can do this.

Answered 12/05/2015 by: Pressanykey
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  • Hi

    Thanks for the message, yeah it's something we might have to look at doing.
    Provided we can create a smart label based on a registry key entry, we should be ok with that.

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