Testing LDAP Label Settings...
Testing "KACE Owners" connection to: 192.168.X.X on Port: 389
OK: Connection Successful.
OK: Setting Protocol Version 3 Successful.
OK: Setting LDAP REFERRALS Option 0 Successful.
OK: Search Bind using LDAP supplied credentials Successful.
Applying search filter [(&(samaccountname=*)(memberof=cn=KACE Owners,cn=Groups,dc=company,dc=local))]
OK: LDAP search (with filter [(&(samaccountname=*)(memberof=cn=KACE Owners,cn=Groups,dc=company,dc=local))]) Successful.
Error: LDAP search failed. No entries found.
Error: LDAP Test Failed. Closing connection.

The I have tried with OU instead of CN and I get the same results??? The OU "Groups" exists with the Group "KACE Owners" exists with members in the group.  Please help!

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I don't know why it failed.  I moved the group to another OU and it works fine now.  There was not apparent reason for the failure.

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