I have a LDAP script which is supposed to be grabbing computers out of a specific OU and putting them into a label within KACE.

The Search Base DN is : OU=Adelaide,OU=TPA - INTL,OU=TOPCON,DC=TOPCON,DC=com

and Search Filter : (&(objectCategory=computer)(name=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME))


It returns 0 results which I expect. If I change the KBOX to a known computer name it also returns no results as well. If I change it to (&(CN=*)) then it says it finds 230 results but then the filter adds all 1400ish machines into that label.


Where am I going wrong?

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If only computers are on the OU=Adelaide you don't need to do the objectcategory, just (cn=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME).

You might want to try (&(objectClass=computer)(CN=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME))

Answered 04/01/2014 by: nshah
Red Belt

  • I tried that and nothing seems to populate into the label.
  • Is there any way I can show you more what I've set up and try to find out why I'm not getting any results?
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