So we recently upgraded to v5.3.53053 and our Agents are running 5.3.53177.  I was told that in this version it would list on the computer inventory page that last logged user.  I still have computers that are reporting back a black user in the field.  Was i supposed to change a setting so that i could see this on the drop down.  


I just checked and i had a computer check in 6seconds ago and it lists the ip and everything but the Last User field is Blank.



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Was there anyone actually logged into the system? Usually blank means there wasn't a user logged in when the agent checked in. 

Answered 01/14/2013 by: nshah
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There was a bug in 5.3 that caused last logged on user to not be reflected properly.  If I recall correctly, it's fixed in 5.4:



I only have Linux and Mac on my 5.4 box at the moment and they list last logged on correctly.

Answered 01/15/2013 by: jknox
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Yeah i was told by my Kace Tech during the upgrade that this was resolved in 5.3.53.  I even have the Resolved issues in the Release notes and it's 

• 10039: Inventory does not always report the last user.


I'll put in another ticket with Kace to see what is going on.  I don't want to upgrade to 5.4 yet as i've read other admin's having issues with this upgrade to 5.4.  So i want to wait a bit before we upgrade.

Answered 01/15/2013 by: KOLDY
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