We currently use LogMeIn for some remote support.  The issue is when a computer gets re-named, the LMI description does not automatically update.  So if my-pc-bob gets renamed to my-pc-sally, LMI still shows the old name making it difficult.  I am trying to find the best way to check if a registry key matches the computer host name and if not, set it to the host name.

I was checking to see if there as a $KACE variable for the computer name, but there does not seem to be one.  I don't want to generate a script that runs on all computers to keep this in sync.  I would rather create a label for computers that do not match the name to the registry key and then have a script run daily against that label.

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That is simple to do.

Create a custom software inventory for that key.  ( I am not sure of your key name so I am craeating a fake one for this answer, you will need to use the proper key)

You need to use %computername%


Answered 01/09/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Perfect!
  • One last thing. Now that I found and labeled the computers where the computer name does not match I want to set the registry value to the computer name.

    I already have an Onlie Kscript to set other registry values and wanted to add this line as well, but %computername% does not work for the data (key value). It puts in the text "%computername%"

    Is tried to see if there was a $KACE variable that I am supposed to use, but did not see one for computername.
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does not seem to work as a "enforce registry settings" but will work as a "launch a program"

I will see if maybe it needs some extra characters to use the name the other way (IE /%computername/% or %%computername%%)

Answered 01/13/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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