When I try to provision kbox agent to a pc with winows 7 professional(x64) it keeps hanging on client sync. The message waiting does not go away.
The firewall of windows is disabled to exclude all problems related to the firewall.

I hope someone can help me with this.

Here's the log:

[11/27/09 09:21:53 AM] Begin provisioning...
[11/27/09 09:21:53 AM] Executing Windows platform provisioning.
[11/27/09 09:21:53 AM] Probing tcp ports for accessibility.
[11/27/09 09:21:53 AM] Port 139 [netbios-ssn] open.
[11/27/09 09:21:53 AM] Port 445 [microsoft-ds] open.


[11/27/09 09:22:15 AM] Executing remote communications:

Initializing RPC
Connecting to ADMIN$
Copying service file
Disconnecting ADMIN$
Connecting to IPC$


Creating service
Opening pipe to service
IN: pipe_open(\pipe\KBRemoteService, 2)
Sending commands
Commands: //*servername*/client/agent_provisioning/windows_platform/agent_provision.bat *servername* client *servername* 0 0 1
Sending login credentials
Login: WORKGROUP\Administrator
[MSGCODE: 000] Begin agent_provision.bat processing.
[MSGCODE: 064] Detected 64-bit platform
[MSGCODE: 011] .NET 1.1 is installed
[MSGCODE: 015] Executing KInstallerSetupSilent.msi
Return code (MSI_ERROR_LEVEL) from MSI execution: [0]
MSI Info: [ERROR_SUCCESS] The action completed successfully.
[MSGCODE: 001] KBOX Agent is installed.
.[MSGCODE: 091] AMP is connected.
[MSGCODE: 093] KUID file detected.
[MSGCODE: 094] kuid: 75B15E6A-1E15-479D-A0A9-470AB208F62D
[MSGCODE: 100] agent_provision.bat exiting.
exit code: 0ERROR: smb_raw_read_recv - NT_STATUS_PIPE_DISCONNECTED
Removing service
OpenService - NT_STATUS_OK
StopService - NT_STATUS_OK
DeleteService - NT_STATUS_OK
CloseServiceHandle - NT_STATUS_OK
Connecting to ADMIN$
Deleting service file
Disconnecting ADMIN$


End of remote communications.

[11/27/09 09:22:15 AM] End provisioning run.


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  • Has this ever been resolved??? Any new updates on this?
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This is usually due to a dns problem. Make sure that the KBOX's name, shown as *servername* above, can be resolved from that windows 7 machine.
Answered 11/27/2009 by: jkatkace
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I think its more of a permission error and this is a known issue with Windows 7. Manual install works from agent_provisioning.

Answered 11/27/2009 by: RichB
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I doubt about the permission error, because I use the hidden administrator account and should be able to get acces to anything.
I will check for the dns. Could it be related to this error? smb_raw_read_recv - NT_STATUS_PIPE_DISCONNECTED
Answered 11/27/2009 by: joost
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I think what jkatkace means is that the agent cannot connect back to the server because of a bad servername. AMP is connected and the agent is installed. Compare the host values in smmp.conf and config.xml -- are they the same?

If you are trying to re-provision this machine then do a prov'n that removes the agent and removes the config.xml (it's a checkbox) file and then do a standard prov'n
Answered 11/27/2009 by: GillySpy
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DNS is not the problem as far as I know. Also the hosts in the config files are the same.
I think windows 7 is still blocking some connections or something. I do know the required ports are open because I have tested that with the IP-scan option.
However it doesn't get a mac adress or host name. So something must be wrong. I did test now on 2 different pc's, 1 with snmp settings and 1 without. Both don't work although I get a lot more info from an IP-scan with snmp on, but still no mac or DNS name(must check dns more I guess), but when I check more info, at the connection types I do see the mac adress.

[EDIT]Problem solved. I updated the client agent with a newer version.
We had a version that should be compatible with Windows 7, but probably not good enough.

Thanks for the help
Answered 11/30/2009 by: joost
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Have you checked the remote registry service? We had to make sure that was running for our Anti-Virus solution, which uses a similar provisioning process.
Answered 11/30/2009 by: cblake
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Check smmp.conf to ensure ssl=false, if Agent Messaging Protocol Settings has Enable SSL for AMP disabled. If smmp.conf has ssl=true, change it to false then restart the AMP service.
Answered 11/30/2009 by: skiddle
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A little thread hijack here: Ive noticed this behavior with the latest agent. Whenever we provision or even simply install the agent on a new machine the ssl=true flag is set in SMMP.conf even though we are NOT using SSL for amp. Any ideas why this is happening? Should i just cave in and enable SSL on amp?

Answered 11/30/2009 by: bf_rob
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Well, I opted not to enable SSL on AMP. The Kace support bloke advised me this was a bug and would submit it for fixing. He also suggested I tweak agent_provision.bat to copy a properly configured SMMP.conf file to the target machine.
Answered 11/30/2009 by: skiddle
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I'll have to check this in my environment. We don't have SSL enabled for AMP, and I'm fairly certain we've successfully provisioned a few agents of the latest version without any issues with the clients connecting. Glad to hear KACE is aware of the bug.
Answered 11/30/2009 by: airwolf
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Good to know, thanks Skiddle.
Answered 12/01/2009 by: bf_rob
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