we maybe want to use KACE in the future to manage our software licenses.
Now i've seen that the Softwaredetection doesn't work correctly . . .

I've searched for the Software "IntelliJ IDEA" and the Softwarecatalog gives me 8 installations while the Software tab gives me 20 hits o_O

How can i manage Software Licenses when the Software is not detected correctly??

Maybe it's a mistake by me? What am i doing wrong???

Software Tab

Softwarecatalog Tab
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The Software tab shows distinct versions of the software. In this case you have 10 distinct versions of the software (11.0.2, 11.1.1, 12.1.4, etc.) installed on various machines on your network.

The Software Catalog groups software by major version (11, 12 and 13).

It appears to me that your appliance is capturing the software correctly unless you are saying those machines all actually have the same exact version installed. In order to deal with disparate versions of software we create a smart label for software that will be applied to the versions we want to target with a license. For instance, if your license covers all versions of InelliJ IDEA then you can make a smart label where the name matches. However, if you have different licenses for the different versions you can make the labels more specific. This way you can associate the software asset with your label and it will include all of the versions that match the label. The license is then associated with the software asset.
Answered 10/15/2014 by: chucksteel
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  • Also keep in mind, the Software tab shows software that is installed while the Software Catalog shows software that is discovered. KACE wants you to use the Software Catalog now for licence compliance but that means that if you have an exe on a computer that matches a certain program, it will take a license away.

    For me, I had unzipped installation files for AutoCAD on my servers and since the acad.exe file is in those folders, it considered this as a license even though AutoCAD was not installed on my server.

    I also had some arguments with them about the way it shows the licenses.

    For example, I grouped all my AutoCAD licenses together for all versions 2002-2015. Lets say I have 95 AutoCAD licenses and 100 PC's with different versions on them. The assets page showed 100/95 for the AutoCAD license. The Widget and Software Catalog split this and showed each version as #PC's/95 which effectively showed me that I was in compliance even though I was 5 licenses short.
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but i don't understand the following behaviour.

I checked the installations for IntelliJ Version 13.1.5 locally on the machines and there are definitly some installation of 13.1.5. But this Version isn't detectet by the "Software Catlog" and it is also not "Grouping" this version ?! :-(

See pictures, the Software Tab is detecting the Software correctly . . .
Can i add missing Software, or in this case, the missing EXE Files to the software Catalogue?

Software Catalogue
Software Tab
Software Tab2

Answered 10/16/2014 by: FSchmelzle
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  • It's possible that 13.1.5 hasn't been included in Dell's software catalog, that can happen. In the Software Catalog check the Uncataloged tab to see if you can find the version there.
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Ok, i've talked with the technical support and got the response that the Version 13.1.5 is to new (released 30. September 2014) to be detected and we have to wait.

I'll give some feedback when its solved.

Thanks a lot for the very helpful answers : - )
Answered 10/17/2014 by: FSchmelzle
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It also isn't shown in "Uncataloged" or in  "Not discovered" . . .

I searched for the "IDEA.EXE" like the other Versions are detected and the Programm Name "IntelliJ" but it isnt there.

I forced the machines a few times to make a new inventory but this doesn't help.
Answered 10/16/2014 by: FSchmelzle
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  • I would submit a ticket to technical support at this point. If something isn't showing up in the catalog correctly then they might need to address the issue.
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