When I boot a client to the Kace to run a scripted installation I notice that my windows 8 32bit Scripted Installation is missing when booting into a 64bit KDE and KDE 32bit doesnt show the other 32bit installations, where as the 64kde does show them, except the windows 8 32bit isnt showing for KDE 64bit

I tried rebuilding the KDE Boot Environments for 32bit and 64bit but didn't change anything


KDE 32bit


*Windows 8 32bit



KDE 64bit


*Windows 7 32bit

*Windows 7 64bit

*Windows Server 2012 64bit



So pretty much my 32bit KDE only shows Windows 8 32bit but its missing the 32bit Scripted Windows 7 and the 64bit KDE shows all scripted installations "except" the 32bit Windows 8

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We have KBE's for 32 and 64 bit.  Our kbox only shows what deployments/scripts that where uploaded as that bit size.  So the 32 kbe's only shows 32 scripts/deployments and the 64 only shows 64's.  I always use a tech station to upload the scipts source dvd that is the same bit size.

Answered 07/24/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • i will try that, but still the 32bit KDE shows Windows8 32bit but doesnt show the 32bit version for Windows 7
    • I created a KBE's for windows 7 and windows 8 32 and 64
    • when you look at the scipts on the k2000 web page does the bits show correct in the one column?
  • Well nvm on this post i feel quite slow, i actually had them using 64bit Source Media instead of the 32bit Media...... i need to have some fun outside work...
    • sometimes you just need to have someone hold the flashlight so you can see. Have a microbrew for me when you get a break
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