I'm attempting to set up a KACE replication share on a new Mac Pro in one of our remote offices, but have so far been unsuccessful. The error I've been getting each time I configure it has been:
The replication agent is unable to write to the share. Check the user/password.

I've selected the Mac Pro as the Device. 

For both the destination share and download share path, I've provided it with: 
\\\kace (IP is actually something different, but you get the idea)

For the destination share and download share user, I've tried using read & read/write users that I've created, as well as a basic administrator, but nothing works. No domain, because these are accounts local to the Pro.

Has anyone successfully set up a replication share on a Mac Pro? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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Have never done one on a mac and there is no help I can find on setting one up on a Mac OS X. 

If I had to do this with the lack of help on how to do this.  I set up a samba (smb) share on the mac and use a user that has rights to that share only.  the k1000 will act just like it is windows server then to it then.

Answered 07/29/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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If you chose the Mac as replicator as well try to use in the destination share field a local path (example: /Users/Marco/myReplicaFolder)
You will not need to specify a username and password in that case.
In the Download share patch you will need to use the UNC path (example: \\mymac\myshare)
Should work fine :-)
 Kind regards,
Marco - StockTrader
Answered 08/03/2015 by: StockTrader
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