I was testing Dell KACE patching in my lab and have few queries around it.

1. What options need to be selected in patch subscription to get MS Office patches to be downloaded? Does it come under application patches?
2. How can I get the scenario where users get option to postpone installation for 2 hours and after 2 hours patches get installed forcefully?
3. After patch installation, how can I give grace period of 8 hours to postpone installation and 1 hour final countdown before reboot. AFter 8 hours of postpone, how can I force reboot of machine to happen?
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1- Comes in under applications; correct.
2/3- same questions; this option is not currently built in. The user can postpone indefinitely, but at some point they WILL go home and the machine will install & reboot if you've set the timeout action to be "reboot now".
Answered 04/12/2011 by: cblake
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Thanks for the information. The thing you mentioned is valid for desktops but what about the environement where we have laptops machines as well? Also, some developers might be running important applications on their desktop in off peak hours. How to handle those situations?
Answered 04/12/2011 by: divya_dogra
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In those cases you'd not ever force a reboot and promt the user for the reboot I suppose. In the case you gave I wouldn't feel comfortable forcing a reboot even if it had been delayed for days (max time for snooze was your original request). In my experience and personal opinion it's either safe to reboot or it's not; Either we trust the user to eventually reboot, or we don't. There's not much room for grey there... Surely your developers and laptop users understand the usefulness of a reboot from time to time? Especially when they're being reminded to do so?
Answered 04/13/2011 by: cblake
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