We use VMware to build our images, and then we sysprep them and upload them to the k2000. However, we put Microsoft Office 2010 on our image to speed the post-image process along. I'm not sure why, but whenever we open Outlook after deploying an image, we get the "upgrade in progress" error, where we are told we have to "upgrade outlook connector". We've been just doing a repair of office and moving on, but I'd like to get it sorted out as to why this is happening. The image is fine before we upload it and deploy it.
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How are you installing Office?

You should be using the office customization tool (setup.exe /admin) to create an msp and then install Office using that file (setup.exe /adminfile "file")

We install Office on our image using this method and never had a problem.
Answered 12/16/2015 by: h2opolo25
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  • We've been running just the normal setup.exe - how should I be configuring it differently?
    • http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/configure-a-silent-installation-of-office-2010
  • I configured and installed office with a .msp file, but the issue is still happening. Something between sysprep, the upload to the k2000, or the download to the computer is causing office to break somehow. We have "copy profile" chosen in the answer file as well, I know some people stated that could be an issue.
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