I have noticed an issue with KACE not launching a batch file properly on Windows XP.  I made a batch file with multiple steps and told KACE to launch it when the script was run.  On Windows 7, KACE launched the batch file as I expected.  It opened a command line window with the batch file (which I wanted it to do as I put instructions in it via text) and it ran through the entire script.  On Windows XP, KACE launched the batch file but didn't show a command window and only ran the first step of the batch file and ignored the rest of the batch file.  I was able to correct this issue by launching the batch file using hstart.exe.  It then displayed the command window (since I launched it without the /noconsole switch) and ran through the entire script.

I am running KBOX version 5.3.53053 and KBOX Agent version 5.3.53177.

Is anybody else experiencing similar behavior?  This sounds like a possible bug in the agent to me.

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Are you installing this through a managed install? If so, you have two seperate installers? I would verify that all of your installers are in the root of your Zip and not in subfolders. 

I noticed on your bat that you have no switches after your exe's. Is this a manual install?

I would also try running it without the "start /wait" switches, and see if that changes the outcome. 

Answered 08/08/2012 by: dugullett
Red Belt

  • It's a manual install. This program isn't well known or widely used so I had a hard time getting documentation on silent switches. So when launched a member of our IT team finishes the install manually. This is being done through Scripts.

    The start /wait switches are necessary to stop the script while one EXE is running to stop it from going ahead after launching the previous EXE. This launches fine on Windows 7 and with hstart.exe on XP. It just doesn't launch correctly on XP but does if it is launched manually from XP.
    • So are you using the same install for both OSs?

      Is packaging this software an option?

      Also you might want to look into using the software library since you are doing a manual install. This way your IT team can navigate to it and run the install from there. That way you don't run the risk of having the setup run while no IT is present.
    • you can drop the start /wait and put a pause between each install line and let the installer manually advance the script when the current step is done. I have a bat for my techs to install and configure smart sync that works this way.
  • And, yes, there are 3 parts of the install the needs run. The initial setup, an upgrade, and then a final EXE that configures the application.
  • Rather than use the Software Library we just use Scripts. Our help desk will push the script from KACE in the Run As section and then remote control the PC if the script is attended and not silent. Most of my scripts are silent if I can make them silent.

    I'm not sure if this can be packaged or not. It runs off an Installshield installer which I'm less than thrilled with. I prefer MSI's. But this specific installer didn't work with the standard Installshield silent options and silent config file. Do you know of a program that can repackage these as MSI's? I know it has an MSI in the folder but it wants you to run it from the Installshield EXE.
    • I prefer Adminstudio, but that costs money. I have used this in the past and it works great!

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Could you list your batch and if you run the batch manually on the xp machine does it run okay?

Answered 08/07/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • If I run it manually it works fine. Here is the batch file:


    ECHO Installing Compass 2.0 ...
    ECHO Running Step 1 of Installation ...
    ECHO Select Compass Client Installation when prompted.
    start /wait compasssetup.exe
    ECHO Running Step 2 of Installation ...
    start /wait compassupgrade.exe
    ECHO Running Step 3 of Installation ...
    start /wait guardian_32.exe
    ECHO Renaming C:\Compass directory if it exists ...
    IF EXIST "C:\Compass" ren c:\compass compass.old
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  • try putting call in front of your batch file in the script "call batchfile.bat"
    you can also seperate these to multiple tasks and run them. The second task can verify for the existance of a new file or time stamp change to existing file and then run and same for task3 and for task 4 run a rename batch you uploaded as a dependancy
  • I have had bad luck with steps in scripts in the past so I have been making batch files that do the steps for me. They are more reliable. I've had issues with steps not getting done or KACE wouldn't wait for step 1 to complete before starting step 2. Granted, this was in 5.2. I just haven't bothered to mess with it in 5.3 since my batch method has been working fine. And it does still work if launched with hstart.exe rather than by the agent directly in XP. Again, Windows 7 is fine. I just happened to notice this only because I didn't use hstart.exe for a change since I actually wanted the command window to show. All my other batch files are launched by hstart.exe rather than the agent.
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i have a problem like this but on win7.

if i run the command line manuell its works perfectly...but with the kace nothing happend..???


Answered 11/27/2012 by: blackbyte
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  • and i always get the User Account Control (UAC) shit !!!
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