We push Visio for example using a Managed Installation to a label group called "SW: Visio Allowed", we add computers manually to the label and they get the installation pushed, that part works. How do we force uninstallation of the software when the computer isn't in the label anymore ? What is the best practice to do that ?

I thought of using a Managed Installation or Script running the uninstaller of the software at all computers not in the label but that possibly wouldn't work since machines in the Visio label are also in the label All Machines.

Answer Summary:
Create a label that has Label Names > != > SW:Visio Allowed AND Software Titles > contain > Visio. Then run the uninstaller on the label.
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Create a label that has Label Names > != > SW:Visio Allowed AND Software Titles > contain > Visio. Then run the uninstaller on the label. 

Answered 02/27/2013 by: dugullett
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  • Thanks for your response, so if I get it correctly we need 2 different managed installations of each software record, one for the installation and one for the uninstallation ?
    • You will need two MIs (uninstall/intall), but you can use the same software record. Once a machine is taken out of the SW: Visio Allowed label it should fall into the new label you created. In the notes make sure you label install or uninstall to avoid confusion later.

      Create a MI for the uninstallation and apply to machines with that new label. On next check in what should happen is the get the uninstall label, and the software is removed. When creating the MI check mark the "Configure Manually" option and check "uninstall using command line". You can usually enter the uninstall string here. I'm not familiar with uninstalling Visio so that will need some testing.
      • Thank you for your help once again, I set it up as 2 Managed Installations, 1 for the actual installation and 1 for the uninstallation using Smart Labels and it works. Thanks for the help.
      • Actually I do have another question, now that everything is set up we get the following situation: computers are manually put in the software allowed label and automatically in the not allowed smart label when they are not allowed to have the software. However when they are allowed to have it they keep getting the software pushed even if its already installed. Is there some way to change the computer's label when it has the software installed so it doesn't get it pushed every inventory ?
      • I have been trying to set something like this up and I really like the idea of having 2 MI's, instead of using an uninstall script, like I have been.

        I'm having trouble getting the labels setup in this way for some reason. When I test the Smart label (uninstall) I lose all machines when I add "AND software Titles contain".

        Here's exactly how I did it, so you may be able to point out the errors of my ways....

        I already had the software (I'll call it Office Job Instructions) installed for the machines I needed so I created a label APP: Office Job Instructions (with no restrictions) and applied it to the software item. I then went to Computer Inventory > Advanced Search > Software Titles = Office Job Instructions and searched. That resulted in a list of all machines with Office Job Instructions installed. From there I selected all machines and applied the "APP: Office Job Instructions" label to each one, essentially the same thing as manually adding computers to the label. Then I created a managed install that would be used for the actual installs. I then tried creating the label you mentioned above. Machine Smart Label using "Label names != APP: Office Job Instructions AND Software Titles contain Office Job Instructions" and created "REMOVE: Office Job Instructions"

        To test the new label I selected 5 machines (by putting a check mark next to the machine name) and removed/un-applied the "APP: Office Job Instructions" label and forced check-in on the 5 machines.

        Besides being removed from the original label there was no change, none of them moved into the REMOVE label.

        I've used my powers of trial and error to make changes and test, but have been unsuccessful.... It's very disappointing and I would appreciate any and all help or advice in this matter.

        Thank in advance and sorry for writing so much!!!
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