I pushed the Kace agent 7.0.763 go a few machines for testing. When I view these machines in inventory they have not reported for several days and still states the agent is on version 6.4.522. But when I view the machines in device detail individually the agent version is correct 7.0.763. The force inventory tab is gone, but I do get the option to refresh. When refresh it stays on  Agent has been asked for updated inventory information. Any ideas?
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  • Hi Alacsina,

    I created a SR for you and going to have it assigned to an agent to assist you. There's been some issues with the agents checking in with 7.0 and they should be able to help you find out what issue you're running into.
  • Did you get any fixes for this issue? We have this same issue after upgrading our server to version 7 and have a mix of 7.0.643 and 6.4.522 PCs that will not complete an inventory. We have had a SR open for a while and have applied one KB they sent us but have had no resolution to this. I'd be curious to see what your resolution was for this.
    • Our anti-virus application control was blocking Windows PowerShell. The Kace agent 7.0.643 needs PowerShell in order to run correctly.
      • Interetesting. What exclusions did you add to your Antivirus software to get past the issue?
    • We excluded PowerShell for only few users for testing and the agent is working correctly. We are working with the vendor only to exclude PowerShell or konea.exe for Kace.
      • Thank you for the info! We will try that as well.
  • We got our issue with this resolved. We had Quest remote in and check the database integrity and they found no issues there. The only other things we did was:

    Our Asset Type for Device had the Mapped Inventory Field set to None. We changed this to System Name.
    Quest also restarted the services (Though we have done this 3 times in troubleshooting) and now everything appears to be working.

    Hopefully you can look at those two options for yours and it'll get you in the right direction. Good Luck.
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