I copied over the installer and was testing it out before I unleashed it on the company. If I run the install manually it seems to go through fine without any errors but it is not listed in the machines Programs and Features. It is listed correctly in the software inventory in KACE. The agent still communicates with the K1000 and for all intents and purposes it appears to work. I've tried it on several of my test boxes, some images old, some brand new and they all had the same issue occur. I changed the server name during the install to the FQDN and also the IP address but it had no effect. The uninstall information is also listed correctly in the machines registry. Is anyone else seeing anything like this? I'm wondering if its just a bad msi package. If I delete the msi package out of the Client folder on the K1000 will a new one be brought back down if I have KACE check for client updates?
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See https://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/solutiondetail?sol=120358 for information on 6.0 agent
Answered 08/29/2014 by: KACE_Mary
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This was added in v6 to prevent users from uninstalling the agent.  I believe this is listed in the v6 agent release notes.
Answered 06/25/2014 by: HomerM
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From 6.0 Release notes:

Add/Remove programs change: K1000 Agent software no longer appears in the Add/Remove
programs list on Windows devices. This reduces the possibility that end-users will remove the Agent
from managed devices.

KA-151 Using GPO (Group Policy Object) to install the K1000 Agent results in duplicate
entries in the Add/Remove programs list. The K1000 6.0
Answered 08/28/2014 by: vmann
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