We recently upgraded our Kbox to 5.4.  However ever since this issue the Agent is updating computers but now the computers are having issues checking in.  Some computers are reporting back that Kace agent 5.3.53 is still installed and some other machines actually say they got 5.4 and the amp agent is on but won't update. 

I'm also having issues with our Agent being installed on our VMWare View Client sessions and it's causing issues to where users can't login to VMWare at all.  Myself included.  

I have about 900agents installed at the moment and i'm having issues with atleast half.  Any thoughts?


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  • Put the clients that are not checking into debug mode and then check the logs.

    On PC clients, via the command line, you can also cd into the dell kace folder within program files and run
    Runkbot.exe 4 0 which updates the inventory. Sometimes the command line feedback is helpful to troubleshoot issues.

    We also had an issue with clients checking in after the upgrade but our issue probably is not the same as yours. Basically we had a & sign in our company name and that messed up our clients.

    Lastly kace support is excellent so if you don't get anywhere just contact them.

    Good luck!
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As you mentioned that agents were checking in fine till recently, can you recall if you changed any setting on the server which might have impacted the checkins?

Answered 06/24/2013 by: AbhayR
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  • The only thing we did was upgrade from 5.3.53 to 5.4. I already have a ticket in with KACE.
  • Any fix yet from Kace? I am waiting to update the agent. Already did update it after KBOX upgrade which created lots of problem (for improved security). Had some scripts which used to map network drives with servers as logged in user and also put short cuts on desktop. Which started to fail after updating agent to 5.4.5315. So redid all the scripts to update registry (which I don't like) to map to those drives. Trying to fix another script which also failed but still struggling as it used to grab environment variables then construct the net use command.

    Now not so confident to go to 5.4.10622.
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I have found that If previous versions of the agent have been deployed via GPO, and the location of the old installation files is no longer in existence, the new agent may be unable to completely uninstall the previous agent version, causing an error when attempting to install the new agent.


You can test this theory by manually attempting the new agent install , via *.msi, on an affected machine per the below discussion:



Answered 09/05/2013 by: Moncus
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hi all,

i have the same issue old agent dooesn't want to uninstall, i have found on all my computers a old registry key of old installation, i didn't know if i can help you with this:

i have deleted this key and my update work


Answered 05/27/2014 by: rollerinvinh
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