I am looking for a report that will tell me when a particular application is listed in the Application event Viewer log as an error in the past 24 hours.  Any suggestions?
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  • Are you capturing the event logs from the computer to the K1000 already? If not then you will first need to create a script that will capture the events and upload them to the K1000.
  • We are not capturing logs on this particular group of systems yet. I did think of that, but did not know how to do that as of yet. I am monitoring a 911 notification program on these systems and need to know if it crashes. What I would like is the following.

    1. Run the script to gather the logs every so many hours from a particular group of systems.

    2. Run a report after the script finishes and email us the results (Do not send if blank)

    3. Delete log file to help save space on the K-box

    Completely open to suggestions.
    Any help with setting all of this up would be greatly appreciated.

    Joe B
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