Can someone show me a way to create a custom report or help me with a SQL query which would give me a list of all assets that were assigned to a user in the last 6 months.

Input parameters: UserName

Expected output:

Asset Name, Asset Type, Serial, Price, Vendor,OrderDate


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I'm not sure which table you would want to pull this from, but you might be able to use the ASSET_HISTORY table. The following shows entries from the past 31 days where the user has changed on an asset:

 SELECT * FROM ORG1.ASSET_HISTORY where DESCRIPTION like 'User changed from % to %'

The main problem here is that I'm not sure if this is what you mean by an asset being assigned to a user. I believe this is more accurately showing the user that logged into a computer. I looked through this table to see if there was an explicit change recorded when the Owner assigned to the asset changed and could not find one.

Also, as far as I know, the KACE reports don't allow for input parameters, so even if you could track those changes in the Asset you would need to create a separate report for each user or modify the report every time you want to run it for a different person.

Answered 11/13/2012 by: chucksteel
Red Belt

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Thanks Chuck.

Here is a screenshot of what I see currently when I click on Help Hub and click on a user, it opens the edit User Details area which gives me all the items the user has. If I can get a sql report which can find that for me and provide me with serial number and price along with it, that is all I'll need.  Even if it's going through 1 user at a time, that would work.


Answered 11/13/2012 by: nainil.ecw
Senior White Belt

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You should be able to accomplish that using the reporting wizard. Have you tried making a report based on the asset type and including the fields you need?

Answered 11/16/2012 by: chucksteel
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