So I am looking for more information about K2000 and how it handles and deploys .MIG files.  I noticed that when logged into the K2000 appliance, and view any user states saved, it gives you the option to download the user state file (USMT.MIG).  The issue I run into is that when I try to open the USMT.MIG file, I am presented with an error message in the Windows Easy Transfer application that "Windows Easy Transfer couldn't open the file".

Now, the reason why I am trying to open the .MIG file is because we have a deployment method for some of our machines where we are externally cloning hard drives, using a base drive with a golden image and duplicating to multiple drives at a time, and when we install the drive into a computer we would like to boot it up and open the .MIG file on the computer to load the user state on it.

Also, the reason why we are doing this is so that we have a mass amount of SDD's with the golden image loaded so it would be an easy swap, and because we are using this cloning method we would be unable to use KACE to deploy the user state as a post-installation process.

To add to this, I am attempting to load the .MIG file from a Win7 x86 to a Win7 x64 installation.

If there is a process for me to open the .MIG file or I am missing something to resolve the issue that I am running into please let me know.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  • Did you ever get a solution? I have the same issue
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