We haven't used the onboard DHCP server in the past. We configured our Windows DHCP server with opts 66/67 and haven't had any big issues. I'm working with the KBE Manipulator today and curious if using Kace's onboard DHCP server would be any benefit. I'm also curious if it can be used simultaneously as our Windows DHCP server or will that cause a conflict? I mean I know 2 DHCP servers serving the same scopes wouldn't work, but I don't know how Kace's handles existing running clients or if it just handles machines that boot to a KBE.

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The onboard DHCP is for environments if you don't have the possibility to setup an own one.
In your case there is no big benefit
Answered 10/30/2014 by: Nico_K
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Stick with windows and make sure you put the options in per subnet not globally.  This allows you to change the options if needed on a by subnet basis.  That way if you get second kbox or set up rsa's  you can use dhcp to point all machines on that subnet to that device for pxe.  It was very handy for me when I was testing the replacement box last spring I could put it on our test subnet changed options for that subnet only and all my test machines went to that one to pxe boot without any work.  The one board is very basic and will not trunk and do multiple subnets
Answered 10/30/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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