I'm attempting to upload a Win7 SP1 x64 VL ISO image that has been patched using NTLite. It is 4.6 GB, completely up-to-date as of this week, and works perfectly when made into a bootable USB.

We'd like to incorporate this into our K2000 Scripted Installations for obvious reasons, but when I uploaded it it took several hours using the K2000 Media Manager, and now reports that it is 26.34 GB on the appliance.

What gives? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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  • The only thing that comes to mind is when it was uploaded was the ISO mounted before using Media Manager to upload?
  • To clarify...are you trying to upload the media to install Windows 7 or are you trying to capture a sysprepped image of an already installed OS?
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  • You need to Point the Media Manager to the contents of the ISO, not the ISO itself. If you look into the files actually uploaded, you will see the contents of the entire folder the .ISO was located in. Mount the ISO (or extract the files into a separate folder) and point Media Manger to the mounted ISO's root drive letter (G:), or the folder of the extracted folder contents.
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