Two of the newer Dell systems we have ordered were not getting the drivers installed correctly when applying a "System Image" in the "wim" format via Driver Feeds.  It seems to be saving to wrong Samba share path.  Other Dell systems image fine with the same image.  Is this me or are others seeing?


I have K2000 v3.7.110284. Went to Library - Driver Feed - check the new models - select to Download and Install - Recached the drivers.

Imaged the device. Some of drivers missing.

I went to Samba share \drivers_postinstall\ and the drivers for the model was there.  When I ran the wmi call via driver_feed_disconvery_tool.vbs on the pc it showed a different path.  If I took the drivers from where Kace downloaded them to and moved to where the wmi said they should be the PC imaged correct.

I've experienced this with:

Dell Latitude 14 (5404) (ruggedized) - Kace put in "5404" systems want in "(5404)"

Latitude E7450 - Kace put in "E7450_7450" and WMI said it should be in "E7450".

I think I've experienced with XPS12's and 13 as well (had not deduced this yet but these systems were missing lots of drivers).

Is this an issue on my end or Kace ends?  Anyone else seeing this?  It takes a fairly easy process and makes it pretty cumbersome, where mistakes are easily made by technicians who don't fully understand the process and deploy systems with missing drivers until I can clean it up.


Answer Summary:
Update to 3.7.116629 or newer. The new functionality with the drvstr.cfg auto update mapping file will solve such issues. If a machine is not working and it is not in the mapping file open a ticket with KACE support
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  • According to the release notes, the 3.7.113224 update fixes the driver feed issue. The 3.7.116629 hotfix adds support for newer Macs and fixes an UltraVNC issue.
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this is a well known limitation.
It is solved with the 3.7.116629 (3.7SP1 HF1)
Then you have a mapping file which will be updated regulary by KACE.
So simply update and the issue will be solved.
If then a system is not working, open a ticket with the following info:
the results of driver_feed_discovery_tool.vbs from the same folder and which BIOS version is affected.
The currend drvstr.cfg file from july 2nd can recognize the mentioned 
Latitude 14 (5404)

XPS12 would be interesting to update the file.
Answered 07/15/2015 by: Nico_K
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I've always had this problem but only noticed it when using the Driver Feed Builder. I thought it was just a discrepancy between Double Driver (what the Driver Feed Builder uses to capture drivers) and the kbox reading the system model differently. I just make sure to note the path matches what Kace wants to see for the feed and change accordingly...
Answered 07/14/2015 by: jegolf
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