After having problems that are described here http://www.itninja.com/question/ntfs-problems-with-scripted-installation-after-upgrading-to-3-6 I did what I was instructed and recreated the KBE. After that Im getting "Windows installation cannot continue because a required driver could not be installed" error after Windows installation goes to "Installing updates". I have tried what is told in http://www.itninja.com/question/windows-installation-cannot-continue-because-a-required-driver-could-not-be-installed and deleted drivers from \\k2000\drivers\ from kbe and win7 and starting from scratch. That page mentions that the error is because of "overharvesting", but the error comes with zero drivers in those folders. Also adding relevant drivers from HP website doesnt help.

If I press shift+F10 I can see that diskpart finds the disk and network is also working. What im uncertain of, that is the problem within windows_7_x64 or kbe_windows_x64 -folder? Ive tried to install the computer for at least 20 times with different drivers and KBE 3, 4 and 5 and still getting the same error and im running out of ideas.

The computer in question is HP Z420 with SSD.
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  • Have you had a look in the application event log to see whether there is any specific reference to the missing driver type?
  • It doesnt boot up to windows. The error comes at the end of OS installation, when it is supposed to start driver installation. Is it possible to somehow open event log at that point somehow?
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