Hi Ninjas,

I am trying to "kace" install a virtual machine in esxi 6

with the k2000. (The installation works on a physical

 machine with no problems).

But he preinstall task of, partitioning and formating

the disc on the virtual machine returns an error........

The preinstall task script on the k2000 is.......

select disk 0
create partition primary size=153600
select partition 1
assign letter=c
format FS=NTFS Label="System" QUICK
select disk 0
create partition primary
select partition 2
assign letter=d
format FS=NTFS Label="Data" QUICK

Why does this work on a physical machine but not

on a virtual one?

Appreciate it guys.


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  • is the virtual drive bigger than the 153600MB? This error regulary occurs if it cannot ceate the correct size
  • Yes Nico. I provisioned 250 Gigs to the Machine.
  • Try to execute it step by step.
    1-Boot in the KBE
    2-Select the Recovery menu option
    3-open the command line
    4-run diskpart and start to digit one by one your diskpart statements

    When you will get the error you will have found the issue...
    Kind regards,
    Marco - StockTrader
    • Marco hi. This is related to my current question.

      After watching your image deployment video, i have a question.
      You say that we cant deploy multicast images of windows that had two partitions?
      Does that mean for multicast we need to have an original image with one partition uploaded to the kace , AND THEN.... partition it later.
      Will it work then??
      Cos i want to deploy an image to several machines and have them end up with 2 partitions. C: 150gig and the rest for D:
      Thanks Marco.
      • The main point of that so far the K2000 does not support multicast if your image is made of more than one partition.
        If you want to deploy a partition with the OS of 150GB and then create another empty partition I think you can try...in theory should work but I never tried myself.
        Kind regards,
        Marco - StockTrader
  • if your virtual drive is dynamic vs fixed you can get problems like this
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