In 3.5, I had a "pause" mid-level task run before my PO tasks, so that I could snapshot a VM. That way, I could test PO tasks, and if I wanted to make changes, I could revert to the snapshot and re-test.


In the v3.6, it looks to me like the PO tasks are published to the client before image deployment occurs. In my head, this means I can no longer snap in between image deployment and the PO tasks and have the changes actually take shape after I revert. Can anyone comment on this, and possible recommend a way I can work with snaps? This was a HUGE boon to my productivity in 3.5

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  • In k2000 3.7 when I do this steps, it goes back to the first task and fails. Anything in 3.7 that I need to do to get snapshots to keep going after the pause?
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You are correct in that the process is different in 3.6, but this can still be accomplished and is also one of my favorite things to do with the K2000.


Create a new batch midlevel task called 'copy new task'  In the commandline, enter something similar to:

'copy Y:\scripts\ImagingTasks_1.xml X:\KACE\engine\Tasks.xml /y'


copy Y:\scripts\Tasks_1.xml X:\KACE\engine\Tasks.xml /y'

An image task file is named ImagingTasks_id#.xml whereas a scripted install task is named Tasks_id#.xml

Replace the command with the appropriate file name for you image or scripted install.

The nice thing about the task engine is that it reads the config.xml and tasks.xml file prior to every task that is run, so copying the new file means that the very very next task will read the new file.

The disadvantage to this is that you need a different midlevel for each image/scripted install you want to test.

Let us know if this works, so let us know.

Lead T3 Enterprise Solutions Consultant, K2000

Answered 02/22/2014 by: cserrins
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  • would i run this task right after a pause mid-level task?
    • Yes, immediately after the pause.

      Lead T3 Enterprise Solutions Consultant, K2000
      • Did this change in 3.7? My Task Engine page resets when the Copy New Tasks midlevel task runs.

        The checkmarks from preinstall tasks are cleared and reverted to question marks. Then system then reboots as expected. Upon the launch of the task engine for the windows PO tasks, I receive an error that states "Windows cannot find preinstallation_tasks.vbs. Clicking OK on the error message clears it. Then the preinstallation tasks attempt to run again and all fail (as expected). The whole process hangs at the Apply Image task.
    • I did find an issue with this process if the tasks were rearranged or a task was added/removed. If you have this scenario, please contact me at my profile email for a test solution.
      • Same Problem on my side. Already contacted you through email.
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