There is a new feature (since 6.3?) in the Security settings for "Web Server Compression." The only explanation available is "Enable the appliance to compress web pages. This compression reduces the time it takes to load Administrator Console and User Console pages in the browser. Has anyone tried this and seen positive results? What are the repercussions from enabling this? What is going on behind the scenes?
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  • Thanks for enlightening us on what is probably happening on our system by checking that box. There are times long lists take exceptionally long to display but I wonder if this will improve by gzipping a lot of small files or if we'll see a difference. I also wonder if it is such a good feature why it isn't already on by default and if not what is the concern?
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Here is a pretty good explanation of Website Compression using GZip, a fairly common practice on many websites:
Answered 02/10/2016 by: BHC-Austin
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Thank god you're asking this question, I feared I was the only one. Minus what you posted I have not found any documentation on that setting anywhere. We have enabled the option about three months ago and haven't had any issues. I believe it behaves as you posted (compressing the page size) which should reduce load times. This would only be noticeable to those using the Admin/User Console and no one else. We haven't really noticed a difference, but if the option is there why not? 
Answered 02/10/2016 by: MAXintosh
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